123 m²
/ Australia
/ Eastland Shopping Centre

When the world’s largest dedicated tattoo removal company, Removery, reached out to Concept to design the first of their retail shops in Australia, we knew we could help create the perfect custom workspace.

As experts in commercial, retail and healthcare design, we have the platform and capabilities to deliver on their vision.

Based in the US with over 40 locations, Removery had a vision to ensure their global aesthetic was incorporated across their Australian retail stores.

We worked closely with Removery to design and deliver a retail environment which promotes the brand awareness, impact, and consistency they are seeking.

Functionally, the unique tattoo removal working environment required strategically placed rooms designed for streamline flow, specialized equipment for tattoo removal, and large TV’S either side of the shopfront for additional advertising.

Complimenting their global aesthetic, the space is a contemporary and modern design, featuring a palette of concrete, dark charcoal, neon lighting pops and black glazing. A mix of real and artificial plants soften the environment and have created a functional yet stunning workspace to delight both clients and staff alike.



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